The Best Convection Toaster Oven For Your Countertop In 2016

Top rated Breville toaster ovenAll Breville products are known for their quality, ease of operation and brilliance. The new Smart Oven from the company has been designed with one simple fact in mind that you need different heating methods for different foods.  Some, like meats, need to be seared more on the top; others, like baked goods, need to be cooked evenly. Most toaster ovens on the market fail to evenly distribute the heat consistently throughout their interiors to suit the different foods being prepared. It’s here that Breville BOV800XL stands apart. Whatever you are cooking, it will smartly adjust its heat to ensure perfect results.

Product Features

• Non-stick interiors with three rack positions
• Stainless steel cabinet that’s can be easily cleaned
• Magnetic auto eject rack
• Tempered glass door
• 6 slice toast and 13” pizza capacity
• Magnetic auto-eject rack
• Back-lit easy read LCD that correctly calculates temperature and time
• Pull-out crumb tray that can be removed easily
• Temperature & time dial that has an auto shut-off fucntion
• 9 pre-set cooking functions: broil, bake, cookies, roast, pizza, reheat, toast, bagel, warm


• Baking pan
• Pizza pan
• Broil rack

An smart oven that does the thinking for you!

Convection toaster oven bakingThe Smart Toaster Oven comes with an impressive Element IQ technology that can automatically adjust power of its 5 individual heating elements for cooking food quickly and more evenly. This heating system can evenly distribute heat inside the oven and guarantees more efficient cooking. Its 9 menu options of the oven allow users to choose the most suitbale setting for the kind of food you’re cooking. Besides distributing the heat dynamically to different oven areas, this Smart Oven can also adjust wattage of all its elements for ensuring more cooking flexibility. Elements in many oven have a fixed wattage that just switch between “on” and “off, but the unique Element IQ functions more like a dimmer installed on a light or fan switch, decreasing or increasing element power with just one turn of the oven knob.

For instance, you need high heat from above for broiling in order to melt and brown, so this oven activates 1500 W of heat from its top elements. On the other hand, this appliance uses radiated heat from above and below to toast so that it gets cooked evenly and to crisp the outside quickly.

Baking uses another smart feature of this oven to evenly distribute heat: convection heating. It uses far to effectively circulate hot air so all sides of food cook at the same rate. This is really important for baked goods such as cakes and cookies that need to be cooked evenly all the way through.  This Breville Smart Oven currently rates highest on current convection toaster oven reviews in 2016.  Owners simply love the convection baking feature and give it high praise for its functionality.

Each of its 9 functions are preset with recommended settings, so it takes out lot of guesswork from cooking. However, you can easily customize these settings according to your recipe, personal taste, or volume of food. These customized settings remain in the memory of Smart Oven until the oven is unplugged or settings are changed.

Designed with the customer in mind

The BOV800XL has been constructed using most durable materials. It has been housed in a reinforced stainless steel cabinet, and can be a striking addition to any kitchen. Its elements are made using quartz rather than metal. Quartz is more responsive to heat changes, which ensures more even heating throughout the oven. Its roomy interiors are coated with special non-stick material that can easily withstand high temperature, making cleanup easier.

A drip/crumb tray is easily accessible from front, which makes it easier to clean between your cooking sessions. This oven also includes a unique magnetic auto-eject rack that is very easy and smooth to open. It has been designed to make food easier to remove and also prevents burns.


• Can hold 13” pizza
• Seven toast settings
• Toasts your bread consistently
• Can toast six bread slices at once
• Good at baking potatoes
• Shuts off automatically when not in use
• Settings for cooking cookies, bagels, and pizza, reheating, defrosting, roasting and warming LCD control panel for easy use
• Good customer service


• None of the Smart Oven accessories are dishwasher safe
• The top of the oven and front of the door get very hot when in use

Should You Buy One?

After reading various reviews of the BOV800XL, it is clear to see that this countertop oven is a great option if you are in the market for a toaster oven that can easily perform wide range of tasks and has a large capacity which is good if you have a large family. It might seem like a luxury oven to some, but it can guarantee the perfect dish each time you cook!