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Stephen Street - Record Producer

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Dave Roundtree and Graham Coxon - 'Great Escape' sessions Alex James taking a break at Maison Rouge Damon with siren at Maison Rouge studios NME reporting on the start of the 'Foundation' record label with Jerry Smith in 1989 Damon Albarn at Maison Rouge studios Damon Albarn playing the piano at the Town House studio NME article from 1989 about the Morrissey and Stephen Street split Graham Coxon - 'Great Escape' sessions Recording 'Great Escape' at Maison Rouge 1986 Rockfield Studios in Wales recording the 'Mighty Lemon Drops' Stephen and Morrisey taken in the grounds of Wool Hall studios when making Viva Hate in 1987 NME reporting the recording of 'Viva Hate' in 1988 Article about the Smiths break upin NME 1987 Pete Doherty recording at Olympic Studios Telemessage from Parlaphone/EMI Stephen sharing a joke with Damon Albarn Material World in NME 1990 Damon Albarn at Maison Rouge studios Playing the guitar Street: A Bowie of the nineties? NME joke article Morrisey and Stephen at Wool Hall studios recording 'Viva Hate' Stephen and Morrisey taken in the grounds of Wool Hall studios when making Viva Hate in 1987 Taking a break from recording 'The Great Escape' with Blur In the studio recording viva hate Drew McConnell of Babyshambles recording at Olympic Studios Stephen, Tom and Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs Blur at Maison Rouge Damon and Stephen at Maison Rouge Stephen at Glastonbury with Pete Stephen on stage at Glastonbury Demo'ing album in Blackburn Loco Studios 1989 Recording The Smiths Stephen Street /> On Stage with Peter & Graham/> On Stage with Peter/>