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Stephen Street - Record Producer

07 September 2012 Hello!

Hello!Hello there!

I'm back in the studio this week after a welcome summer break. I am currently mixing some tracks for Drew McConnell's (Babyshambles) new band Helsinki. Sounding great so far; Drew actually has a very fine voice!

As I've mentioned before, I'm afraid that the 'Contact'  and 'Feedback' pages on this site are not working. Getting my web designer guy to sort it has proved problematic so who knows when they will work again.  In the meantime, any enquiries regarding potential production work should be directed to my manager Gail Colson at the address


You can also catch me on twitter @Streetstephen for up to date musings!

Bye for now.....


22 September 2011 Xfm- The Queen is Dead

Xfm- The Queen is DeadHi all,

Just in case you're interested, please see the following link to listen to a Xfm special on the Smiths and their brilliant album 'The Queen Is Dead'. Enjoy!



02 September 2011 That was the summer!!

That was the summer!!Hi

It's been a while! Thought I'd catch up with you and let you know whats been going on.

I was recently invited to play with Viva Brother on stage at Reading festival. Had a great time and I'm very pleased to be associated with a great band. The guys and I are bemused by the negative press the album has received. It really is a case of 'build them up and smash them down' in this country. Elsewhere things are going great with the guys really progressing in Japan and the USA. Anyway, I'm really happy with the album and I hope you like it too! Have a look at these links:


Other news is, Funeral Suits have released a new single from the collection of songs we recorded last winter and have made a cool new video for it here:
Please support these guys and buy a copy of the single from your friendly record store or iTunes! They deserve to be huge!

Another band I have worked with in the last year is The Subways, and thier new single is currently 'Single of the week' on Xfm which is great news. Their new video is great too:


Next, I have been working with a cool new band called Life In Film and we have recorded two great tracks. More sessions are planned soon and I'm sure they are new talent to look out for!

Lastly, a certain band from Leeds that I have worked with successfully in the past have been back in touch and we are planning to record a new single at the end of this month. I'm really excited by this and can't wait to be in the studio with them again.

Right, that's about it. Promise to not leave it too long until my next diary entry.



25 September 2009 File Sharing Argument Continues!

File Sharing Argument Continues!I see Lily Allen has been taking a lot of flak from all those misinformed 'right-on' idiots who think that file sharing is power to the people and death to 'millionaire pop stars'.

I  just wanted to say 'well done' to Lily for making her point clear on the file sharing situation! I've been banging on about this for years in various interviews and always felt that my opinion wasn't as 'cool' as some musicians and journalists who thought that the internet was great liberator from "the Man" i.e (the big bad music business). Well now they are beginning to realise that this once great industry in this country is on it's knees and is need of some kind of protection.

As you may know I have made a career of working with up and coming new guitar based 'alternative' bands over the years and sometimes those groups (the Smiths, Blur, The Cranberries, Kaiser Chiefs) were able to build up a fan base who actually bought their records and CDs and therefore made it viable for their Record Companies to take up their options and advance them recording budgets for the next Album, continue giving them tour support (because most acts do NOT make significant money from touring, not enough to live on anyway) and generally keep promoting them across the world.

That unfortunately is all coming to an end with this current situation where people do not value music and think that they are entitled to it for free. Less money coming in equals less money being spent on recording. Great Recording Studios are closing down the length and breadth of this Country, Producers and Engineers are scratching around for work, studio Managers are having to cut their rates to entice labels to use their services. What was once a great industry, second only to the USA is looking desperately weakened.

You may have noticed I used the word 'Career' above. I know some bands try and be super-cool and look down their noses at  'Careerist' bands (the Cribs spring to mind here for their anti-career stance) but fuck yeah, it IS a career it's not supposed to be a hobby! The guy who works in a bank all week and plays a bit of guitar at the weekend, or the student who dabbles with 'garage band' on his laptop between classes might regard it as a hobby. But most acts I work with are trying desperately to make a proper go of it and become established enough to make a living from it. The Cribs are on their fourth album with Johnny Marr joining them on guitar. I think we can safely say that Johnny and the Cribs has made a career out of music can't we!?

I have been saying for a while now that the only people who have made great financial gains in recent years are the Internet Service Providers (often boasting how great and fast their broadband is for 'downloading' music)! Well now it's time for them to stop handling 'stolen goods' and start spending some of that money they have made on administering and policing the web. It's time now for the Government to work alongside the Record Companies, Publishers and managers to stop the constant eroding of the value of music before it is too late.

Rant over (or is it)?


25 September 2009 Last dates in UK with Peter Doherty

Last dates in UK with Peter DohertyHi All,
Well, last weekend saw the conclusion of the Peter Doherty solo dates with Band in the UK. Saturday's gig was at the Camden Roundhouse and I was feeling a little nervous as I was playing guitar for the whole show and I had added quite a few songs to the festival set we were playing in the Summer as the set list had to last a good deal longer! Despite lack of rehearsal time with Peter himself, all went very well and we played a really good show that I was pretty pleased with. I was also really happy with a new guitar I had treated myself to, a beautiful Rickenbacker 620! See the link below for a taste of the Roundhouse!



Next day it was off to Leamington Spa for a show in a very attractive small Theatre that had a nice vibe. The stage was small but it also meant that it was easy to hear each other and we played another great set. It made such a difference playing straight after a show the night before, you could sense that we had got into the 'groove' and the crowd were very appreciative too!  Drove back home straight after the show as I had decided to take the train on Monday up to Manchester for the final date.

I always enjoy going to Manchester, it brings back happy memories of working with the Smiths and as a little 'nod' to that memory I decided to wear a Smiths T-shirt that night on stage. We played even better at this show. Three gig nights in a row and we were really cooking! I felt a huge sense of satisfaction after the performance and was very proud of all involved. To be honest, I feel a bit disappointed that the UK dates are over now. I really enjoyed playing guitar again to the level I had to play to be part of the band and I think I will miss it now the gigs are finished. See below for a taste of the Manchester show:


The final three dates I will be playing with Peter will be in France at the beginning of October culminating with a show at the Zenith Theatre in Paris. Graham Coxon will be back on board for these dates so it should prove to be a great end to the Grace/Wastelands dates. I'll tell you all about it soon!