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Stephen Street - Record Producer

20 August 2013 Summertime, living is easy!

Summertime, living is easy!Hi
Well, it's been a while since I updated this diary. Mainly because I post most of my up to date thoughts and news on twitter @streetstephen
I am looking for a web designer to help me update the site as my previous web guy, whilst doing a good job designing the site, has become mysteriously 'unavailable'.

So, if you are interested please contact me via twitter!



09 August 2012 Catching Up

Catching UpHi there,

I'm afraid that the 'Contact'  and 'Feedback' pages on this site are not working. Any enquiries regarding potential production work should be directed to my manager Gail Colson at the address


You can also catch me on twitter @Streetstephen

Thank you!


18 August 2010 Catching Up!

Catching Up!Hi All
Hope all is well. Sorry it's been a while. Took a little bit of time out holidaying and so on. Before that I was over in Ireland working with Funeral Suits again. They are a great band and we've got three new tracks on the go which are sounding great! Planning to mix them over the next few weeks and hopefully we will step a bit closer to getting a deal for release.

Also did an interview with a Radio station in the USA which you can listen to on the following link:
Hope you enjoy it.

Until next time....


25 August 2009 RecordProduction.com

RecordProduction.comHi All,

Just thought you might be interested in an interview that I have done with the website above that has just gone online.


Hope you enjoy it!



24 August 2009 V Festival with Peter Doherty

V Festival with Peter DohertyHi All,

Recovering after a busy weekend playing at the V festival in Chelmsford and Staffordshire with Peter. We drew a big crowd in the Union Tent and the gigs were exciting if a little 'scruffy'! As always, the sound on stage was all over the place as you don't get the chance to soundcheck, but I think we managed to play a a good set each night . Could have done without a certain Ms Winehouse falling about all over the stage at Chelmsford though. This is the kind of "circus' I've been trying to get Peter away from this year as it's a big fucking distraction but you can't chose his friends and certain other dodgy 'hanger-ons' can you?(unfortunately)!

On a more positive note, drummer Adam Ficzek had a baby boy at 6 am on Sunday morning. How he managed to concentrate at the gigs, God only knows! Many congratulations to him and his lady Tamsin!

See you later!