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Stephen Street - Record Producer

16 May 2011 Farewell Toronto!

Farewell Toronto!Hello All
Sorry for the long delay since the last diary entry. I've been very busy for the last month or so over here in Canada working on a new album with The Cranberries.

The session has gone fantastically well. Those of you who liked the sound of the earlier Cranberries albums will love this new record I'm sure. We have recaptured the delicate darker mood of those early records and I'm delighted with the results!

So I'm sitting here in my hotel room waiting to leave for the airport listening to the new Danger Mouse LP 'Rome' (which is excellent) and looking forward to coming home. I've missed my family and I've missed my beloved QPR getting promotion! Had to listen on the internet to the RRRS finally winning promotion after the FA debacle and I can tell you there was a tear in eye when it was confirmed!

Anyway, back home tomorrow, short break then in to mixing the LP.

Regards to all.



01 May 2010 BBC Radio 2- The Record Producers

BBC Radio 2- The Record ProducersHi All

Just to say that the BBC Radio program featuring myself will be broadcast on Radio 2 at 10 pm on 3rd May 2010 and will also be featured on BBC 6 Music the following Sunday.


It was intended to play a 20 second segment of an out take demo that I recorded with Morrissey in the program but Friday afternoon (30th April) both the BBC and myself received a letter from Morrissey's solicitors threatening an immediate injunction preventing any broadcast unless the  material was removed.

Apparently their client (Morrissey) was 'horrified that  the proposed material would be broadcast'. I can not understand this way of thinking at all. Throughout the program I am extremely in full praise of Morrissey and the demo was intended to show that even when he was singing on a 4 track cassette he still sounded great! I didn't think it would do any harm to play a small segment but it has, at this very late stage been removed. I would also like to say that I've seen mention of some Viva Hate demos being available on the internet. How they got there, god only knows! I have certainly never distributed any out take recordings or demos on the 'net and I'd be interested to know who did?!

The producer of the program, Steve Levine, has told me that throughout all the other episodes including artists such as Paul MacCartney, Holland, Dozier, Holland (Motown), Bruce Springsteen and Phil Collins, rough demos have been played with their blessing and this is the first time they have been threatened with an injunction. These artists have realised that the program isn't about them, it's about the producer and the work involved in taking a song from 'demo' stage to the finished article, and as such, the playing of rare demos or out-takes is incredibly interesting. Oh well, some things (or people) never change!

Nevermind, I've been assured that the program will still be a good one! Hopefully you will enjoy!



18 May 2009 Recording Update

Recording UpdateHi All,

Been busy over the last few weeks recording with some great new bands!

First of all I was working with a band called Your Twenties at Strongroom Studios, recording a fantastic new single called "Billionaires", brilliant track!  Following that, another session at Strongroom, this time with a band that I met on Peter Doherty's tour called Ex Lovers. Again, both band and studio were fab and we recorded four very impressive tracks for an EP release later in the year.

I then moved over to Metropolis Studios in west London and had a great session  with a very exciting new band called Kurran & the Wolfnotes. After a very productive week, two fantastic songs were 'in the bag' and a great sense of satisfaction flowed around the studio!

Despite all the doom and gloom permeating the recording industry at the moment, there are still some brilliant new groups like these I mentioned above  writing fabulous songs. It's just a shame that labels are shy of taking risks and giving these acts some proper backing! I just hope that when these recordings get their release they are purchased correctly and not just downloaded for free. Musicians can not survive without some kind of income from record sales despite what some misinformed journalists from the 'trendy' music press might say. And if I hear someone bang on about 360 degree deals I'll throttle them! Bands do not make a lot of money from gigging. By the time they've paid for back-line crew, sound man, van hire, lighting, hotel accommodation (or tour bus) etc. there is not a lot left, believe me. Also there are no further royalties from gigs. No, what's got to happen is that the Recording Companies and the Government do something to protect the rights of what was once a  great industry in this country and get people to pay for the music they listen to.

Right, I'll get off my soapbox now! Keep an eye out for the bands I mentioned above.