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Stephen Street - Record Producer

26 April 2013 Paris In Springtime (again)

Paris In Springtime (again)Hi!
Though I'd better drop a line on here as it's been a while!

As I've mentioned before, for up to date news, postings etc follow me on on Twitter @Streetstephen.

However, I'm pleased to write that I have returned from Paris today after another productive recording session with Babyshambles. We currently have 15 songs on the go and all is going well!

Positivity is running through the 'Shambles camp and I'm sure there will be plenty to keep their fans happy this year. Keep your eyes peeled!



24 April 2012 Viva Hate reissue

Viva Hate reissueHi All
Good interview here about the Viva hate reissue


13 April 2010 BBC-The Record Producers Program

BBC-The Record Producers ProgramHi All,

Just spent the afternoon in the wonderful company of my friend and fellow record producer Steve Levine. Steve is producing a fantastic series for BBC Radio featuring the work of various Record Producers and yours truely will feature on a forthcoming episode! Steve asked me to hunt through my old tapes and in doing so I came across some old gems that I completely forgot about including some old Morrissey demos that I recorded on my old 4 track cassette before we recorded 'Viva Hate'. The titles included 'Lifeguard on Duty', "Safe, Warm Lancashire Home', Treat Me like a Human Being' and one 'untitled' song.

It was fantastic hearing these songs after all this time. I genuinely haven't heard these songs in over 20 years! I think that Steve might use a snippet of one of these songs in the program so try and tune in. The program will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on May 3rd with an extended version broadcast on BBC Radio 6 on the following Sunday 9th May.



08 April 2010 New Interview on You Tube

New Interview on You TubeHi there!
Just thought I'd let you know that an interview that I carried out a few months ago with Famegame radio has appeared on You Tube.

Try the following link:




02 April 2009 Peter's Tour Completed

Peter's Tour CompletedHi All,
Well, after a great bunch of dates including Brighton, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh, Peter's tour came to it's conclusion at the London Troxy last Sunday. The date coincided with my Birthday and I will never forget Peter conducting the crowd through a version of 'Happy Birthday' whilst I stood on stage in Native Indian headgear and poncho (thanks Drew, I'll get you back one day)!

I've got to say, I really enjoyed the tour and the buzz of taking part in live performances. It's been a fantastic tonic after years of concentrating on studio work. I'd like to say a big thank you to all who were involved and helped to make it happen. Ian, Kenny, Brucie and Alistair thanks for all your kind care and attention with the sound and gear! To Adam and Drew, thanks for not only being the best rhythm section around but also lovely guys! Thanks also to Stephen 'Lord' Large and Kenny for supplying wonderful keyboards that really helped bring these songs alive, to the Duke String Section for being the hardest drinking strings in rock! Cheers to John Robinson for his performances on 'I am the Rain' and support slots. A huge 'cheers' to Graham who blew me away every night with his fantastic playing. It's an honour to  share the stage with the man! And last but not least, thank you Peter for writing such wonderful songs to perform and for entrusting me to help put the show on the road. Peter, your performances were fantastic and sometimes I got a chill down my spine when I watched you sing and play.

Right, it's back to the studio now. Working with a great new band called Your Twenties. Keep your ears open for them!