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Stephen Street - Record Producer

14 March 2012 Update

UpdateHi All,

Just a quick post to update y'all.

Recently finished mixing the three Madness songs I was working on with my old friend Cenzo Townsend at his new mix studio. He has a great new place called Decoy up in Suffolk (see pic) and it was wonderful to work with him again. The results are fab and both band and I are really happy.

Looks like one of the new bands I worked with last year, Life In Film, have signed a record deal! Congratulations to the guys, you deserve it. It's good to see record labels are still signing new acts in these tight times!

Congratulations also to the Cranberries after seeing their new album hit the charts in lots of different countries across the world. Although they are given short attention from the media in this country the band have built up a significant following throughout the rest of the world by bloody hard work. I know they are about to embark on another long world tour and I would like to wish them all the best.

Right, that's it for now.



28 March 2011 Subways Album Finished.

Subways Album Finished.Hi All,

I hope all is well out there! Wrapped up the Subways album last week at Miloco Studios. Very pleased with how it's all turned out. Billy and Charlotte are still working out the final running order but apart from that and mastering, it's all done!

Heading over to Ireland later on this week to link up with Noel from the Cranberries and have a listen through to their rehearsal recordings and demos as I'm going to be helping them record their next LP. We are going to start it next month in Toronto Canada as Delores now lives there and I'm looking forward to hooking up with the guys again after a lengthy break.

The Funeral Suits will be releasing a new single on the Friends Vs Records Record label soon. We have chosen  'Colour Fade' to be the single as Zane Lowe has already shown interest in that track and it received good feedback after the play on his show. Keep a lookout for it and help the guys on their way by buying a copy or downloading it (legally please)!

Until the next time...

11 March 2009 Paris in Springtime!

Paris in Springtime!Hi All,
Just returned from Paris after playing two triumphant shows with Peter Doherty. Both shows were great but the second night on Tuesday was particularly fantastic! Peter was on top form and the whole band played a blinder. It really was a gig that I believe will log in the memory of those who were lucky to be there as one of the best in Peter's history. I'm feeling very proud of all who took part in the show.

Got back to read in the NME some 'quotes' they attribute to me that piss me off somewhat though! According to the NME they quote me as saying that I agreed to produce Peter's Solo album so that I could be at the front of the queue to produce the next Libertine's album! Now this really annoys me as it appears a horribly calculated thing to do and I can assure you that I said no such thing! I produced Peter's record because I believe in him and wanted to help him get these great songs recorded - end of story! Christ, when we first discussed making the album last October there wasn't any talk at all about a Libertines reformation. I wish these f***ing journalists would get their story straight! All I said to the NME was that I was a huge fan of the Libertines albums and of course would love to be asked to produce them 'if' they got back together. It's shown me how easily a quote can be twisted to appear as something else.

Oh well, onwards and upwards. Going to have to practice some guitar now for the Brighton show next week as Mr Coxon will be away in the USA.



04 March 2009 Peter Doherty Tour and Promo clip

Peter Doherty Tour and Promo clipHi All
Glasgow gig was incredible. Really pleased with how it's all panning out.

There is a great 'promo' clip for Peter's new album with interviews with Peter and myself on the Footage page. Access it by pressing the 'Next' button in the lower right corner of the page.

Hope you like it!