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Stephen Street - Record Producer

18 February 2015 Well, hello there!

Well, hello there!After an extremely long time away I thought I'd make a new "diary' entry!
Exciting times ahead I feel. I'm off to Metropolis studios today to master an album that I've been working on recently. Also, a relatively old track that I recorded with Pete Doherty, Flags of the Old Regime, is being released to raise money for a charity associated with the late great Amy Winehouse.
Peter is also make great strides in recovering from drug addiction in a rehab centre in Thailand. It's a long road, the road of recovery, but here's hoping he makes it and I wish him the very best from the bottom of my heart!
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01 February 2012 Remastering at Abbey Road

Remastering at Abbey RoadHi All
Working on a very exciting project at the moment at Abbey Road. Along with mastering engineer Frank Arkwright (who worked on the recent Smiths collection box set) we are remastering the back catalog of a certain band that I love dearly. It's great hearing so many fantastic songs that I worked on so long ago now that still sound fresh and exciting.

Also pleased to report that I was in the studio with Madness last month and we have  3 cracking tracks on the go which will be mixed later this month. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented iconic band and I 'm very happy with the results. It really is Madness back at their best and I can't wait for people to hear it.

Right back to the next tape box!



27 February 2011 Time to catch up!

Time to catch up!Hi All,
I'm sorry I've not been in touch much recently. Pleased to say that I have been very busy since the start of the year! First I spent the month of January recording with a fantastic new band called Brother. We recorded their debut album at Angelic Studios which is a brilliant residential studio near Banbury (thanks Toby and Tom for all your help)! The session went extremely well and I'm absolutely delighted with how it's all turned out. I predict things are going to go great for the band this year.

In February it was back to Sofa Sound Studios and picking up where I left off with The Subways before Christmas. Six more cracking songs were recorded and this week I will be finishing off the vocals with Billy and Charlotte before we start mixing at Miloco Studios.

So, there you have it, a great start to the year which makes up for the slightly shitty Christmas I had after some burglars broke into my home the night before Christmas Eve and stole items including my lap top along with 3 hard drives containing a lot of work that is irreplaceable! They broke in whilst we were sleeping upstairs and I felt pretty  sick afterwards but at least no one was hurt.

Anyway, life goes on and Spring is in the air so heads up!

Cheers to all,


23 February 2010 Abbey Road Saved!

Abbey Road Saved!Hi All

Sorry it's been a while! Things are beginning to bubble up and a few projects are on the horizon so watch this space!

My heart sank last week when I read about the possible sale of Abbey Road Studios. i couldn't believe that after selling Olympic, EMI were prepared to sell off such a famous landmark of recording history. Well, it looks as if the public outcry has made them change their mind or at least think again and i read today that it has been listed as  a Grade 2 building by the UK Government. As I've said before, this is what happens at the sharp end of the industry after the effects of piracy. Studios are closed or threatened with closure as what they produce i.e recorded music, is undervalued. Let's hope the Government take note of this further 'near miss' and start putting into action plans to safeguard the industry.

See you soon!


23 February 2009 Peter Doherty gig at Shepherds Bush Empire

Peter Doherty gig at Shepherds Bush EmpireWow, what a great gig!

After only 4 rehearsals we managed to pull off a wonderful first night of Peter's solo tour. It was nail bitingly scary along the way. Only 3 weeks ago we didn't know if Graham (Coxon) was available to do the tour but once he said 'yes' the final bit of the puzzle fitted into place and rehearsals were planned.

I was really proud of the way everyone in the band pulled together to make it work and Peter is in good shape at the moment so it was a fantastic to see the pay off in a wonderful performance. Feeling very excited about the remaining dates now. Off to Glasgow Barrowlands tomorrow. Watch this space.....

02 February 2009 Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!Hi All,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback you have sent me! I still have not had any news/media release arranged about the site but you have managed to find out about it anyway!

I think my old friend Lloyd Cole mentioned the site on his web site and it has just blossomed from there! Suddenly on the 23rd January I had a whole handful of feedback and it has kept going since then. Paul Mulvey at Output Design (who designed this site) tells me that by the 28th January we have had close to 3800 visits!

I noticed that some people had come to this site via a posting on the 'Morrissey Solo' site and I navigated to the site to see if there were any comments. One or two people commented that they found the printing of his letter in the 'Viva Hate' songbook to be a little 'creepy'. I can only say that I thought long and hard about scanning the letter for inclusion. The reason I went ahead was for various points; firstly there was nothing particularly 'personal' in the letter which I think Morrissey could be embarrassed by. Secondly, I think it's quite a historical moment in the life of Morrissey when he finally makes the brave decision to leave the Smiths behind and start his solo career and as such, I thought it was a moment worth sharing with his fans. I also wanted to put the record straight about the fact it was me and NOT Vini Reilly who wrote the songs that went on to become 'Viva Hate'.

I'd also like to say that I hope you don't think I'm being an opportunist in posting the Blur footage in light of their reforming. When Paul Mulvey and I started planning this site in the Autumn of last year, the Blur reformation had not even been announced. However, can I say now for the record how happy I am that they are working together again and I can't wait for the gigs in the Summer!