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Stephen Street - Record Producer

01 November 2013 Site update

Site updateHi there!

Just to let you know that I managed to hook up again with Paul Scott Mulvey who put so much good work into designing this web site.

We are planning to update some aspects of the site with the timeline being added to and a few new tracks being added to the 'nuggets' page. This should all happen in the next few weeks.

My twitter feed has also been added to the site on the 'feedback' page so you can see many more updates and thoughts from myself!



28 November 2012 November Catch Up!

November Catch Up!Hi there

It's been busy of late. I have recently recorded some excellent tracks with Peter Doherty that hopefully will be used for his second solo album. We are off to a very good start and should recommence in the new year to  finish everything. I'll keep you posted..

Also had productive sessions with new comers Life In Film and the excellent Summer Camp! In the studio at the moment with Berlin-based singer songwriter MiMi and the tracks are sounding great!

Any enquiries regarding potential production work should be directed to my manager Gail Colson at the address


You can also catch me on twitter @Streetstephen

Thank you!


14 November 2010 Bunker 2

Bunker 2Hi all,
Well, after a long time I have finally set up a new Studio in London! The management at Miloco Studios kindly offered me the chance to  occupy a newly built room in their main complex in Bermondsey and I gratefully accepted it! I've spent the past week moving all my gear in and now I can get on with mixing the session I recorded in Dublin last month with a brilliant band called Funeral Suits.

It's really nice to have a base of operations again and I hope this will kick-start a new chapter of work over the coming months. It certainly seems the case so far, as all of a sudden the schedule is filling up!

'Til next time.....


27 November 2009 Busy at Strongroom!

Busy at Strongroom!Hi all,
It's been a while!
Have been busy recording at Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch, London recently working with two new cool bands; Little Red from Australia and Ace City Racers from Scotland. Try and check them out!



22 November 2008 Pete Doherty Album Finished

Pete Doherty Album FinishedNovember, and after 7 very productive weeks Pete's debut solo album is finished. As with making the 'Shambles' Shotter's Nation there were some highs and lows but I am delighted with the final outcome (as is Pete too). As you may know from reading the press Graham Coxon from Blur played guitar on a large number of songs on the album and bloody brilliant he was too! He really brought a lot to the sound of this album and I can't wait for people to hear it. Adam and Drew were on hand to provide the solid backbone of rhythm and groove we have come to know and love and Stephen 'Lord' Large tickles those ivories in the most fantastic way!

I think the press will be very surprised when they hear the record. It certainly takes Pete into areas he has not been before and I've got to say, Pete is in fine voice on this album.

I'll pass on a few titles, some of which I'm sure you may be familiar with. "Arcadie", "Last of the English Roses", "New Love Grows On Trees", "Sweet By and By" and a song which I think is one of the best tracks I have ever worked on in the studio called " A Little Death Around the Eyes", it's sublime! i can't wait to see what the world makes of it.