Is The Omega NC800 The Best Juicer For 2016?

NC800 HDS JuicerHaving a juicer in your kitchen that you enjoy using every day can go a long way to ensure that it becomes a healthy habit that you will keep up with.  As more people have discovered how juicing can elevate their diet, the more machines have hit the market.  However, Omega is one brand that has been around for years and they continue to innovate to keep their position towards the top.  Their latest juicer is the Omega NC800 HDS and it comes with some new improvements to ensure the user gets maximum juice from their foods. This model is a masticating juice extractor and it comes with some features that make it stand out from the crowd. It has not been out that long, but it is already the best rated Omega juicer on Veggie Files who rank juicers based on owner scores and feedback.  Enough of all the hype, let’s see what this juicing machine has to offer.

What Makes The NC800 So Great?

  • This machine is a horizontal masticating juicer. It is a cold press and slow juicer that enable the user to get maximum nutrients from the foods they want to extract juice from using this extractor.
  • The juice extractor uses a single auger that rotates slowly at a rate of 80 rpm so as to squeeze and press the juice. As a result, you will have a nutritious juice or drink. The auger compresses and squeezes the food into tighter space. As a result, you will get the most juice from their leafy greens and other foods.
  • The juicer comes with an adjustable end cap so as to give you a higher yield. You can use this end cap to maximize your juice yield over a range of produce. The cap enables you to make an adjustment when extracting juices from the softest foods and the hardest and the driest foods. By adjusting the end cap, the driest and hardest produce will stay in the juicing chamber for a longer period.
  • The NC800 has a wider feed chute compared with other juicers, and you can, therefore, feed more produce. You can make more juice and drink within a short time.
  • It comes with heavy duty parts made of Ultem auger that makes it durable. The NC800 Omega juicer also has a tough dual stage juicing screen that has stainless steel in both stages assuring you several years of service.
  • Just like most other horizontal Omega juicers, the NC800 has a strong and comfortable built-in handle. One can easily carry and handle the it when using it.
  • One of its strengths is that it delivers a high yield of juice from leafy greens. With the single auger, you will have more juice that gets extracted from this kind of produce.  Green juicing is a great way to detox and cleanse your system.
  • The juicer is easy to clean after use and has fewer washable parts compared to other masticating juicers in the market.
  • With the 80 rpm speed that the juicer spins at, it makes this juicer have quiet operations as it produces a soothing hum instead of the jet engine sound that centrifugal juicers produce.
  • The Omega juicer is made up of BPA-free plastic. You get guaranteed of healthy juices and drinks whose flavor won’t get changed. BPA sometimes seep into the food or drink that the container carries but with this juicer, you will end up with the natural taste of the juices.
  • The juicer preserves the nutrients of your juices and drinks as you prepare them. All this becomes possible since the juicer’s auger rotates slowly and never produces any heat or even introduces oxygen that might damage your juice’s nutrients. The juicer produces a pulpier juice when compared to centrifugal juicers.
  • The juicer is very versatile, and one can use it to have all-natural nut butter, soy milk, healthy ice cream, baby food and a great variety of healthy snacks.
  • The NC800 comes with a lengthy fifteen-year warranty from the manufacturer. You get the peace of mind and an assurance that you will get to enjoy many years of service from the juicer.

Drawbacks of the NC800

  • Unfortunately life has taught us that nothing is perfect for everyone, and there are some aspects of this juicing machine that could be better.
  • It is not the fastest juicer in the world.  It is not specific to the NC800, but it is something common of all masticating juicers.  The juicer operates at slow speeds to juice, so if you need a fast machine then this model would not be the best option.
  • Price is also a drawback as this is one of the more expensive models on the market.  It will cost you slightly north of $300 if you want to own one, but there always some deals available online.
  • Juicing soft fruit is not the NC800’s strong suit.  No matter what setting the end cap is on, some fruits may come out mushy and the juice produced will have a lot of pulp.  Alternating hard and soft food is one way to help minimize this.

Despite some of its minor issues, this Omega juicer is something that you should consider if you are in the market for a new juice extractor.  With its reliable performance, high vegetable juice yield, versatility, and new improvements, the NC800 has taken juicing to a new level of perfection.  Its design is also something that will stand out in any kitchen.  Do your diet and your body a favor by drinking your fruits and veggies with the help of an awesome juicing machine.

If you want to see the NC800 in action we were able to find a great video demonstrating how well it juices different vegetables.

Taking Our Workout To The Street With A Running Stroller

Best jogging stroller for you and your kidsWe like to lead as balanced of a life as possible, so while we love to cook and eat as much as we can we also like to try and stay active and fit. This has gotten harder since we have gotten older and have young kids to chase after, but we found a healthy way to truly chase after them. We decided to get a jogging stroller and make our workout a family event and it has been a blessing. The kids love riding “shotgun” and we get to run like the wind. Of course it helps to have an awesome running stroller so we are going to do a quick review of the one that we ended up buying.

The BOB Revolution Flex jogging stroller has everything. It is just like the SE model but has an additional feature, the adjustable handlebar. This is why it’s called the “Flex.” You can set this handlebar to nine positions which can handle both short and tall runners. It also has all of the features which made the SE among the best joggers in the market like the adjustable suspension, padded handlebar, swivel front wheel, and the 2 step folding system.

This model is slightly more expensive but the adjustable handlebar position makes it worth it since the wife and I are different heights, by a lot. We searched through a ton of jogging stroller ratings to find the best option for our family and this one has received many positive reviews and recommendations online. We were impressed with the feedback and decided to take the plunge. We could not be happier with this jogger, below are just some of the reasons.

Flex Features

Flexibility: It is designed in a way that it fits comfortably for any runner. The handlebar can be adjusted higher for taller runners and lower for shorter runners. This enables them to have a comfortable position for their hands and stay in total control while running.

Adjustable front swivel wheel: Its swivel action enables maximum maneuverability on any terrain. The front wheel can be locked in position too so as to improve the stability of the jogger at higher speeds since it becomes easier to push the stroller straight.

Adjustable suspension: The suspension of this stroller can also be fine-tuned so that your baby has a comfortable and safe ride on just about any terrain. Whether you are going over concrete in the city or on off road trails, the suspension can easily be adjusted for a smooth ride.

Comfortable Ride: The padded seats ensure that the baby is comfortable and the padded handlebar ensures that the runner is comfortable too. It has been engineered using plush materials which are quite easy for you to clean.

Convenient to fold: When it isn’t being used, the stroller can be folded down easily for storage or transportation. The frame folds in a 2 step process which is relatively simple to understand.


This stroller gets insane user ratings and everyone who has used it has been impressed to say the least. Some of the things that owners like about the stroller include:

Adjustable handlebar: This is the biggest selling point for the stroller. It operates just as it is advertised. It gets extremely high reviews because of this feature.

Glides on the air: Lots of owners have admitted how thrilled they are with how well the jogger performs on a wide variety of terrain. It appears to glide and is very easy to push and maneuver. It gets high marks here too.

Construction: The unit is built quite well and feels sturdy. This is something owners appreciate for sure. It is something which usually goes un-noticed for first time users. But for owners that have used other strollers earlier it is very noticeable.

Sun canopy: This is a feature which has received lots of praise too. The adjustable canopy is quite big and is one aspect which is really liked by parents. Their babies are protected from the sun and can enjoy the ride more.

Styling: Even though performance is the most important aspect of a stroller, it doesn’t really hurt to look good too. Many owners have said how much like the different color options and modern styling of this stroller. It is quite the head turner.

Big seat: Owners are also impressed by how large the seat is. If babies could talk they too would have agreed for sure.


Even with all of the high praise that the stroller receives, it isn’t perfect. There are some things which could have been better:

Storage: Even though there are a few storage features, the compartments aren’t as big as most parents would hope.

Bulky: Since the stroller has such a sturdy design, it is a little bulky too. This is something which certain owners don’t appreciate.

Cup holder: The lack of a cup holder annoys some. But the good news is that it can be purchased separately.

We Are Happy Runners

This is probably the best stroller in the world today. The adjustable handlebar truly sets it apart from the rest and this is a feature that we really used a lot. If you are worried about it being too dangerous, it is always prudent to learn more about jogging strollers and follow some basic safety practices.

We have been extremely satisfied with out purchase and if you have the inkling to start getting out with the children and letting them explore the world while you get in a workout, then we highly recommend this running stroller.

The Best Convection Toaster Oven For Your Countertop In 2016

Top rated Breville toaster ovenAll Breville products are known for their quality, ease of operation and brilliance. The new Smart Oven from the company has been designed with one simple fact in mind that you need different heating methods for different foods.  Some, like meats, need to be seared more on the top; others, like baked goods, need to be cooked evenly. Most toaster ovens on the market fail to evenly distribute the heat consistently throughout their interiors to suit the different foods being prepared. It’s here that Breville BOV800XL stands apart. Whatever you are cooking, it will smartly adjust its heat to ensure perfect results.

Product Features

• Non-stick interiors with three rack positions
• Stainless steel cabinet that’s can be easily cleaned
• Magnetic auto eject rack
• Tempered glass door
• 6 slice toast and 13” pizza capacity
• Magnetic auto-eject rack
• Back-lit easy read LCD that correctly calculates temperature and time
• Pull-out crumb tray that can be removed easily
• Temperature & time dial that has an auto shut-off fucntion
• 9 pre-set cooking functions: broil, bake, cookies, roast, pizza, reheat, toast, bagel, warm


• Baking pan
• Pizza pan
• Broil rack

An smart oven that does the thinking for you!

Convection toaster oven bakingThe Smart Toaster Oven comes with an impressive Element IQ technology that can automatically adjust power of its 5 individual heating elements for cooking food quickly and more evenly. This heating system can evenly distribute heat inside the oven and guarantees more efficient cooking. Its 9 menu options of the oven allow users to choose the most suitbale setting for the kind of food you’re cooking. Besides distributing the heat dynamically to different oven areas, this Smart Oven can also adjust wattage of all its elements for ensuring more cooking flexibility. Elements in many oven have a fixed wattage that just switch between “on” and “off, but the unique Element IQ functions more like a dimmer installed on a light or fan switch, decreasing or increasing element power with just one turn of the oven knob.

For instance, you need high heat from above for broiling in order to melt and brown, so this oven activates 1500 W of heat from its top elements. On the other hand, this appliance uses radiated heat from above and below to toast so that it gets cooked evenly and to crisp the outside quickly.

Baking uses another smart feature of this oven to evenly distribute heat: convection heating. It uses far to effectively circulate hot air so all sides of food cook at the same rate. This is really important for baked goods such as cakes and cookies that need to be cooked evenly all the way through.  This Breville Smart Oven currently rates highest on current convection toaster oven reviews in 2016.  Owners simply love the convection baking feature and give it high praise for its functionality.

Each of its 9 functions are preset with recommended settings, so it takes out lot of guesswork from cooking. However, you can easily customize these settings according to your recipe, personal taste, or volume of food. These customized settings remain in the memory of Smart Oven until the oven is unplugged or settings are changed.

Designed with the customer in mind

The BOV800XL has been constructed using most durable materials. It has been housed in a reinforced stainless steel cabinet, and can be a striking addition to any kitchen. Its elements are made using quartz rather than metal. Quartz is more responsive to heat changes, which ensures more even heating throughout the oven. Its roomy interiors are coated with special non-stick material that can easily withstand high temperature, making cleanup easier.

A drip/crumb tray is easily accessible from front, which makes it easier to clean between your cooking sessions. This oven also includes a unique magnetic auto-eject rack that is very easy and smooth to open. It has been designed to make food easier to remove and also prevents burns.


• Can hold 13” pizza
• Seven toast settings
• Toasts your bread consistently
• Can toast six bread slices at once
• Good at baking potatoes
• Shuts off automatically when not in use
• Settings for cooking cookies, bagels, and pizza, reheating, defrosting, roasting and warming LCD control panel for easy use
• Good customer service


• None of the Smart Oven accessories are dishwasher safe
• The top of the oven and front of the door get very hot when in use

Should You Buy One?

After reading various reviews of the BOV800XL, it is clear to see that this countertop oven is a great option if you are in the market for a toaster oven that can easily perform wide range of tasks and has a large capacity which is good if you have a large family. It might seem like a luxury oven to some, but it can guarantee the perfect dish each time you cook!